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Not just a game...

DotBall360° has merged the best aspects of our favorite sports to create an exciting and competitive revolution.  Imagine the team work of Volleyball, mixed with the action of Pickleball, joined with the portability of Roundnet!  DotBall360° is fun for all ages, and the rules can be easily modified for any skill-set. 

DotBall360° Not Just a Game, A New Sport!

Think Bump, Set, Spike Down On Table... not over the net, Down On Table DOTBall360°


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Play anyone, anywhere!

DotBall360° is a portable game that can be easily setup anywhere. No boundaries or designated courts are needed. Play 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3. Six paddles and four balls are all enclosed inside for easy transportation, storage, and equipment protection. DotBall360° is competitive, fun, easy to learn, and easy to play for all ages!

BShot Ball BG.png
Full Set Up 1 White With Wall.png

OUR Goal

With the incredible growth of mobile gaming and all the other enfluences that continue to motivate people towards a more and more seditary lifestyle, we were excited to create something that would pull people of all ages outside for an exciting and competitive experience to share with your family and friends.  If you would like to support DotBall360° the easiest way is to play.  We are confident that anyone that plays wants to get more people involved to play more!  If there is other ways you feel you can support, please feel free to reach out and share your ideas with our customer service team.


We have been close friends since the age of 5, and we have always loved sports and the outdoors.  We love playing games and getting in the competitive spirit.  We desired a game that was portable, easy to set up, and could be played virtually anywhere!  We combined elements from some of our favorite sports into a single amazing game, and over time, DotBall360° was born! 

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