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DotBall360° Rules

Play Anyone, Anywhere!

DotBall360° is a portable game that can be easily setup anywhere. No boundaries, no designated court needed. Play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4. Six Paddles and four balls are all enclosed for easy transportation, storage, and equipment protection. DotBall360° is competitive, fun, easy to learn, and easy to play for all ages!

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Quick Rules

1. Players are spread out around the octagon in 2 teams. (Orange Team and Black Team)

2. First server is 5 to 11 feet from octagon and hits the ball down on table cleanly to the receiver. (Allowed one fault= two serves)

3. The receiving team has a maximum of three hits passing to teammate and a bounce between each hit to return it to the octagon.

4. Once the ball hits the top of the octagon “cleanly” it switches possession to the other team.

5. The ball can be hit in any direction of the octagon 360!!!

6. How you score:

     - If the ball bounces twice in a row on the ground the opponents score a point.

     - If the team cannot return the ball to the octagon in three hits the opponents score a point.

     - If the ball hits the edge of the octagon or under the set and is not “clean” of the octagon it is the opponents point.

     - Out of bounds will be determined by players and the playing area. (Open space or walls no out of bounds or boundaries)

7. Play to 15 have to win by two points.

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Rookies / Kids Rules

Get Touches and Have Fun!

As long as the ball is still bouncing inbounds the point is still live. (Multiple bounces and multiple hits to return it to the octagon). Once the ball bounces off the cleanly off the octagon it changes possession to the other team.

1. If the ball stops bouncing it is the other teams point.

2. If the ball goes out of bounds it is the other teams point.

3. If the ball hits under the set or the edge of the octagon it is the other teams point.

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Competitive / Tournament Rules


1. 4-8 players (2v2, 3v3, or 4v4)

2. 4-8 DotBall360 paddles

3. DotBall360 Set

4. Courts/locations can vary. (Surface that the ball can bounce on is preferred)


Point Systems:

1. Games are played to 15

2. “Win by 2” (players/tournament director can agree on cap)

3. Every play will result in a point (rally scoring)


Starting Positions:

1. Server and serve receiver will be across from each other player outside the serving line with the octagon in the middle.

2. Additional players may be set anywhere outside the serving circle as long as they don’t interfere with the serve. (3v3 players alternate positions with opponents)

3. Once the serve is struck players are free to move 360 degrees around the octagon.



1. The server must stand 11 feet from the edge of the octagon. All other players must be at least 11 feet away from their edge of the octagon before the serve is struck.

2. Players are in a Stagger position around the set alternating with the other team.

3. On a serve, if the ball does not contact the top of the octagon it is a fault, If the ball hits the edge of the octagon is a fault, must be “clean” off the Dot. (Two serves)

4. Both feet of the server must make contact behind the line after the ball is struck.

5. Once the serve is clean off the octagon it changes possession to the receiving team. Each return to the octagon there after also has to be“clean” change possession in rally play.

6. First Server will serve to each receiver during their serve rotation. A point will be awarded after each point. (Rally scoring).

7. After each point the receiving team will rotate one position clockwise creating a new receiver.

8. Once each player has be served to the other teams server will serve. Alternating serving teams. 2v2: two serves 3v3: three serves 4v4: four serves



1. After a successful serve the receiving team has a maximum of three hits and one bounce between each contact. Contact being with the top of the octagon or player contact.

2. Have to alternate hits. The same player can’t hit the ball 2 times in a row. *exception Quick Touch. (3v3 or 4v4 not all players have to hit the ball as long as it alternates between players.)

3. The first touch can be contacted with the paddle or any part of the player body (including hands and feet)

4. If the first touch is contacted before the ball bounces the same player may make the second touch as well “Quick Touch”. The second hit of the “Quick Touch” may not be returned back to the board, has to be a passed to a teammate for the third hit. (Player is allowed a bounce between the quick touch and the player’s second touch)

5. Final hit to the octagon has to be “clean” off the top of the octagon and can be in any direction. (360*!)



1. Players may not touch the set at anytime with any part of their body or paddle. If a player touches the set they will lose the point.

2. The ball can not bounce twice on the octagon it. (Double bounce).

3. Players cannot interfere with the other team when they are returning the ball (Hinder). If a hinder occurs the point will be replayed. 4. Players may hit the ball down at the ground as long as their team hits it before it bounces again. “The Lucas”.

5. Games can be played at any location. Playing area will depend on that location. Out of bounce can be determined before the game starts. If you are playing indoors, you may bounce the ball off the walls to your partner or to the octagon.

6. If you are playing on half of a tennis court, over the fence and over the net is out of bounds. If the ball bounces in bounds and then goes over the net/fence it will be ruled in.

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