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DotBall360° Seeking the Right Bounce

Not Just Any Ball Will Do

As we started looking at the Ball for our new sport, there were many factors to take into consideration. The size and firmness, the pressure and texture, all play an important role in achieving the desired outcome. Choosing the wrong ball could result in the game being too offensive if it moves too fast, or too defensive if it moves too slow. Because the bounce between touches is an important part of DotBall360°, we also needed a solid bounce. After many trials, and a lot of errors we landed on a felt wrapped rubber ball larger that a tennis ball and with significantly less pressure. The size is important to slow its movement, the felt is crucial to engage with the table top, and the lower pressure is important to absorb the right amount of speed.

We greatly appreciate all the support and excitement we receive from our player base. You are the best part of DotBall360°

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